ATT Samsung Solstice 2

I purchased the Samsung Solstice 2 three months ago. It was delivered by mail within a few days of my order. Of course I immediately began to fiddle with it and learn the ins and outs of the phone. Many of the features are very admirable. The texting feature keeps conversations in an instant message like chat box and keeps conversations divided. This feature is great for those who are multi-texters

The touch screen is very responsive and the phone is easy to use and has fairly good sound quality wihen it comes to volume. The phone also has the video share feature.

The Serious Downfalls
The main downfall of this phone is the lock button. It has the original sliding lock button on the side of the phone, but it also has one on the touch screen. With the touch screen unlock button, all you have to do is hold your finger over it for a second. Unlike most phones that you have to drag your finger across the screen to unlock, this phone can be easily unlocked by your leg, butt or pocket.

You do not want to accidently dial an international number with your butt, now do you. Trust me, it results in a $300 phone bill after the unknowing party answers and trys to figure out what the background conversation is all about. My boyfriend did this at work and was not very pleased when he got the bill.

The speaker phone does not work quite as well as I would have liked either. It doesn’t seem to pick up or put out sound very well. What you end up picking up is more of an echo sound and voice vibrations.

The signal strength is not nearly the quality of the original Samsung Solstice. I got a better signal with the original and was able to aquire a signal in places that I cannot with this phone.

As far as I am concerned, I would rather use the original Samsung Solstice and I currently am. I went back to the store and had all of my data transferred back to my original phone.

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