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As the doors of iPic Theater open to the dimly lit lobby my everyday image of movie theaters was blown away, this was in no way an average theater. I look to the left there before me are Billiard tables, across from them a full service bar. Peering around the corner from the lounge, there is a real kitchen with real chef-prepared meals which you can dine on in theater. First impressions are everything especially in business, even more when that business is entertainment.

Walking up to the ticket counter I am immediately greeted by a beautiful hostess, she asks what she can do for me and my guest as she places a menu before us. Telling her the name of the feature we are there to see she ask if we are members. Apparently members are offered special pricing, free tickets on their birthdays and to top it off registration is free. Every Tuesday members are offered special pricing menu pricing and select draft beers and wines. In addition members have access to special Midnight Movies, Holiday Events, Special Screenings and Exclusive Film Director Q&A’s. Now that I am enrolled my email will be filled with exclusive offers.

Unlike your standard theater seating is chosen in advance at the counter or you can purchase your tickets in advance online and choose your seating as well. There are two seating offers which are Premium and Premium Plus seating. Premium seating offers large leather seating with a swivel table to place your food and beverages as you enjoy your feature. Premium Plus offers plush Micro suede seats which fully recline and come with a pillow, blanket and popcorn. Premium Plus seats also receive food and beverage services for the first fifteen minutes of the film. Now with tickets in hand reserved seating there’s no rush enter the theater.

Time to take part in this luxury theater’s amenities, a short stroll to Salt Lounge I am greeted by a very knowledgeable mixologist. I am told that they offer many different hand crafted drinks with fresh local ingredients and custom in house infusions. Salt offers bar table seating and Bollards for those who like to play and watch alike, the comfortable inviting atmosphere is great but the wafting essences permeating the air draw me to look through my menu.

Around the corner from Salt Lounge is Tanzy Express a step up from your average snack counter. The chef-prepared treats include small appetizers like truffle fries, Trio treats like Short Ribs, Flat breads with an array of toppings like BBQ chicken and Panini’s filled with things such as smoked turkey, brie and apple butter. Dine in the lounge or enjoy your meal with your movie.

Now luxury means you’re paying more and receiving more. This theater delivers exactly that, should you choose to enjoy a lunch date, night out with friends or some quality personal time this is the place to do so. The iPic Theater is located at The Domain Austin 3225 Amy Donovan Plaza Austin, TX 78758 (Get Directions) Phone: 512-568-3400. If you don’t live in or around Austin check out there Homepage and find a theater near you. And remember to tell your friends about your experience as I have shared mine. Enjoy your time at the movies.

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