Autumn Fall is Everything

The breeze, the air, the color changing leaves
Showers of rain occasionally cleaning the streets
Feeling great, refreshed and anew
As the season changes, my mood does too

Taking a deep breath, I now know the autumn fall
Motivated, eyes open, feeling great and tall
This spectacular weather makes me forget the summer sun
And the kids with backpacks, head to school for fun

Putting on a hat, some jeans and a sweater
With the cool air, I instantly feel better
Sitting in a cafe with a warm latte
Book in hand, free mind that strays

Goblins, pirates and vampires take the streets
As people eat their candy, laugh out loud and for a day are free
As Halloween passes, we get ready for our feast
Football and food on Turkey day turns me into a beast

The perfect weather, beautiful skies and a few amazing spectacles
The autumn fall is something grand and unbelievable
To put in words what this season means to me
Is something that makes me feel blessed and free.

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