AVATAR 2 and AVATAR 3 in 3D Produced by James Cameron

Avatar 2 will be released in December 2014. Not having seen Avatar in 3D version, I am very excited about this news and ready to be immersed in Pandora! So knowing that Avatar was the highest grossing movie of all time, I did a little research about 2 and 3.

First, there will be a book released on the world of Pandora this year – 2011. Love it already.

But that is not all. Avatar 3 will be shot simultaneously with Avatar 2. Wow! Double WOW! It is scheduled for release in 2015.

Cameron is working on having theaters being able to up their light level for Avatar 2 and 3 by shooting and displaying at 48 or 60 frames per second. His hope for this is that no moviegoers will feel a bit sick as has occasionally occurred from watching the 24-frame rate in motion. I never get motion sickness and I have great faith!

Avatar 2 will bring brilliance to 3D with the exploring of the Na’vi homeworld’s ocean and Producer Jon Landau claims it is not to be just an underwater film, and that both the number 2 and 3 films will include the worlds of the Alpha Centauri system, “offering sights and sounds potentially even more exotic and spectacular than what was experienced in Avatar . The filmmakers have been clear, however, that while the storylines are being conceived together, Avatar 2 will not end in a cliffhanger that’s completed in Avatar 3 .” (Per cinemaspy.com)

PS: All we have to do is get past the 2012 bump in the road, and continue on.

Bio and Trivia on James Cameron

Since Producer Cameron seems to have flown so beautifully into my movie radar, I wanted to know more about him. He was born in Canada; studied physics at California State University; and drove a truck while working on his big break!

This came In 1980 when he got his first film job on Battle Beyond the Stars – he was the guy who built the miniature sets and did art and process projection work. His first directorship was in Piranha Part Two: The Spawning in ’81.

Life got sweeter for him when he wrote and directed The Terminator (’82) and its sequel in ’91. Also Aliens in ’86.

Marriages have been often for him too, however. He married Linda Hamilton (Terminator ) with whom he has a child. Also wed Kathryn Bigelow, an artist with career in film. He married Gale Ann Hurd who produced Aliens, Terminator, and Cameron’s Abyss . Finally he married Suzy Amis in 2000 and they have 3 children. Suzy owns the private Muse Elementary, in Malibu. They are together still (I haven’t seem the latest news yet, though). Hope this marriage is a solid and long one for he and Suzy.

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