Babys First Flight

James was still a baby but was very smart and talented. This leads to becoming bored easy. His first flight was escaping his baby crib. He crawled out to the back yard cause he couldn’t quite walk yet. He gathered boards up from the wood pile and drug them to his building area. After a few minutes, he had a beautiful rocket ship built. James crawled back inside to get his crayon markers to paint his rocket with.. It looked beautiful.

Baby James went back in again and managed to get a plastic drinking glass. Taking it outside, he filled it with water from the outside spigot. He could not reach the sink, everything had to be hard for inventors. James then added a potato for explosiveness, some sawdust for combustion, and some dirt to control the combustion. The fuel was finally ready and the baby poured it into the rockets fuel tank. His rocket was ready for it’s first test flight.

Crawling into the rocket, baby James was ready to blast off. He pushed the launch button and the rocket shuddered, and James was off on his first flight. Looking out the window, the baby saw fluffy clouds and twinkling stars. Landing on the moon, James discovered it was made of marshmallow. This intrigued him and he began eating it. Soon the moon was almost gone and he decided he better leave. He did not want to be blamed for the moon’s disappearance.

Crawling back into the rocket, James headed for home. After crawling out of the rocket with marshmallow all over him, his mom came out the back door. She scolded him and said, “How did you get that bag of marshmallows” ? Of course James never replied cause he could not talk yet. And why the moon got so much smaller is still a mystery to this very day.

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