Bachelor Ben Flajnik Looks Great on First Episode!

Ben Looks Good!

On the first episode of Ben Flajnik’s season as The Bachelor , the California wine maker showed himself to be a real catch-handsome, witty and classy. Meeting his twenty-five Bachelorettes (plus one grandmother), although he admitted to nervousness, he was enthusiastic and gracious-and more spontaneous than any other Bachelor I’ve seen; he made little offhand quips and comments here and there: “That is a pretty girl,” about Courtney, the model. “I am loving the brunettes.” “That’s too cute. I love grandmas.” (Brittany was introduced by her grandmother, who appeared first, emerging from the limo on crutches, gray-haired and a big fan of Ben’s. She wants Brittany to find love with him.) Ben’s best comment came after he met single mother Shawn, from Phoenix, who gave him a friendly slap on the arm: “I love a slug on the arm!”

Some Craziness to Spice Up the Show

So Ben is cute and cool, and unsurprisingly, all the women are gaga over him-except two who seemed to be in love with each other, Michelle and Blakeley, who were actually making out the first night. Michele whispered praises into Blakeley’s ear as the rest of the women drank cocktails and waited for Ben: “You’re so beautiful. You’re the one I want.”

Bizarre! And it made some people angry, even crazy. Jenna the brunette blogger from New York City went into a tailspin which also included the idea that Michele disliked her for no reason. Jenna, inappropriately emotional, even paranoid, required counseling from Rachel, a pretty, down-to-earth blonde.

Jenna obviously has problems. To me she seemed drunk after a short time. She spent most of the evening behind a closed door weeping copiously, then emerged for the Rose Ceremony. And amazingly-or not, considering the show-Ben kept her there, giving her the last rose at the Rose Ceremony.

Backing up a little-the First Impression Rose went to Lindzi, from Seattle, who arrived on a horse. “Saved the best for last, I spoze,” was Ben’s off-the-cuff comment-about the horse or the woman, I’m not sure which.

Ben Is Realistic-But Please, Don’t Let Him Get Hurt Again!

One thing I really liked was that Ben said, “I don’t know about that ‘wifey’ thing. I want love. I’m looking for someone I can love.” Besides being sweet, that was realistic. I don’t know what the statistics are, but it doesn’t seem like many Bachelors or Bachelorettes end up getting married. Ali and Roberto had a good run of about a year and a half together, but they recently split. Brad and Emily dissolved in pretty short order, and of course Jake and Vienna exploded.

So for Ben to say that he just wants someone to love-I think he can get that.

The question is, though, will she love him back? At the beginning of the show, Chris Harrison reviewed Ben’s humiliating rejection at the finale of Ashley H’s Bachelorette season.

” Well,” said Ben to Chris, “the worst has happened.”

” You hope!” Chris joked.

” Yeah. . . .” Ben replied a little nervously, as if he hadn’t considered that things could get worse. And then, at the end of the show, we see previews for the season, with Ben falling madly in love, and-No! No! Please!!–an anonymous woman saying she’s not sure if she’s ready to go through with this.

No! Please! Don’t let Ben get hurt! If he does, I swear I’ll never watch this show again!


And as for sideshows, this season has some hot new acts. Headliners among them are the two lesbian lovers. Then there’s the aforementioned Jenna, a Carrie Bradshaw type from New York City who could have a breakdown anytime. Then there’s the beautiful narcissist Courtney (“I’m a model,” “I’m better than everyone.”) She’s not going to be popular, at least with the other women.

There was already a lot of clawing and crying on the first episode-way too much for my taste.

Some Good Women Here; I Hope Ben Makes a Good Choice

There are also some nice, smart, pretty girls here for Ben. I especially like Casey B., who is pretty, normal, and natural; Rachel, who seems calm and sane; and Emily the epidemiologist. As the show continues, I’m sure other good women with endearing qualities will emerge. I hope Ben chooses one of them, and she chooses him back!

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