Bagels Shops Worth the Search in Placerville, CA

Placerville, CA offers many amenities. A abundance of bagel shops is not among them. But like the area’s gold nuggets, you can find some real treasures if you look.

For the star of Placerville bagel shops, look to Bagel Works. Complete with art on the walls and soft background music, this shop allows conversation or concentration as the customer chooses. The staff offers friendly service and maintains a gleaming facility. The bagels are tender inside and toasted to perfection, not charred into coal. My favorite, a sesame seed bagel with salmon cream cheese, exceeded my initial expectations and continues to the same high standard. Located at 63 Main Street, the shop is near the county courthouse and other governmental buildings. Prompt service waits within. The relaxing décor invites the customer to linger.

If a donut shop and a sports bar married, their children might resemble Sweet Score, a combination bakery and yogurt shop at 4370 Golden Center Drive. The bagel selection is limited, since the shop leans toward donut items, but there are several varieties available. With plenty of seating and a sports theme, this is the shop for Everyman. You’ll find nothing fancy, just good food at reasonable prices. Sweet Score is worth a visit for a family as well, since its casual atmosphere lets people relax.

Most of the supermarkets in town offer a bakery and a coffee bar of some sort.

Raley’s (166 Placerville Drive) houses a Peet’s coffee kiosk and the bakery includes an assortment of fresh bagels. While the facility doesn’t come with a great deal of ambiance, the reasonable prices and availability make this a great combination. Sit down with a bagel and coffee as a break during shopping or to stave of hunger pangs before you begin.

The local Safeway store, located at 3955 Missouri Flat Road, features a Starbuck’s outlet. The bakery department maintains a small showcase of offerings just outside the Starbuck’s seating area in addition to the full menu in the bakery department.

Save Mart (3966 A Missouri Flat Road) provides a Pacific Coast Café to accommodate customers in need of a break. The seating area isn’t large but it’s comfortable. The bakery selection is generous, including a superb cheese bagel.

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