Band Wagoning or Falling Off a Band Wagon, a Fan’s Perspective

I have been an avid reader of Yahoo Sports content for quite some time. My wife might call me an addict, I am sticking with avid. I am also an avid (sorry, get the feeling that this word might lose meaning if I keep using it..) Red Sox fan and have been subject to the ramblings of a fellow contributor who, when not stating the obvious, goes prattling on with his nonfactual, nonsensical rhetoric. (Sorry, ran out of “non” words) I am currently watching the Sox game from Fort Myers, FL where I moved 2 years ago from Eastern Connecticut. I was a season ticket holder for several years and was there in ’04 and ’07. Enough about my history, let’s jump forward to the present. Don and Jerry are currently wearing “chicken” hats and the Sox have scored 3 runs in this inning. I am looking forward to a post that enlightens us with the fact that the Red Sox are 1-0 when the NESN crew are wearing funny hats. Not trying to be a jerk but c’mon, enough is enough. Contributors should have to work a bit harder than looking up some Wikipedia facts and posting them as some sort of revelation. (Or worse, their own original thoughts) They should also be fact checked, as every legitimate writer should be. I am no writer, I am just a fan that is sick of reading silly blogs from self important contributors. The Sox are hot tonight Tom. Gonzalez is 3-4 with a couple of doubles so I am guessing that he read your last article. He picked up his game, I’m not a hater but you need to pick up yours.

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