Bandana Wall

We’ve all seen bandanas – the red and white or blue and white classic types, and possibly a few more. But have you ever shopped or browsed at a place that features a huge selection of bandanas? It will boggle your mind when you see just how many bandanas are now available. There are ones which celebrate rock and roll stars, ones with images of pets or wild animals, and many more. With all those choices, and with bandanas being so very cheap, you can’t possibly pass on the idea of using bandanas to create a gorgeous work of art in minutes. If you have that one wall which is begging for attention you can change it into something beautiful in very little time.

It’s really easy to create an artistic wall hanging when you use an assortment of bandanas. Just use double-sided tape to hang the bandanas on the wall and you’ll instantly have a new look for the area – and the room. Hang three rows of three bandanas, four rows of four, two rows of six, or another arrangement.

There are different creations you can make depending upon the bandanas you use. For example, you’ll create one look when you use bandanas which all feature blue and white patterns. You’ll create something entirely different when you use bandanas which each feature a different animal.

When you hang bandanas of all one size, space them evenly apart, and arrange them so that there is a space between each bandana, and a space between each row. Make a different arrangement by hanging one large bandana then making a frame around it with smaller ones which are the same size.

There no limits to the various wall designs you can make. Hang bandanas which feature the same color to create one look; hang bandanas with just two or three colors, for a different look. Hang bandanas in a vertical block to cover a large amount of wall. Hang a single row of bandanas to make a chair rail-type look around a room.

For best results, purchase the bandanas new, don’t launder them, and hang them immediately. To add more dimension and interest consider nailing up molding around the wall arrangement.

Hurry to your nearest place that sells bandanas and grab a few. You’ll love the look of the wall arrangement, made just the way you like it, and you won’t spend much money to make it happen.

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