Barrack Obama….Tried, Tested, No. #1

The enemy’s job is to steal, kill and destroy. It’s an uneasy feeling but that’s what the word says. They are out here to steal your joy, kill your hope and destroy our future and the future of our children.

Past presidents, some elected officials of the same party, corporate giants who funded monies and corrupted city and state governments have all played big parts in the “TAKING” game. Taking lands and calling it “eminent domain” but it’s really power play, taking tax monies allocated for one thing and using it for something else, lavishing themselves, family members and friends with vacations at the taxpayers expense and the list goes on.

I see our current president, Barrack Obama, trying his damnest to rid the nation of this type of corruption, I see Obama fighting for the rights of “all” human beings. Let’s keep it real shall we, I won’t pretent to be a graduate of any major university or college but I am a graduate of the school of “hard knocks”. My background is not filled with a pretty house, indoor plumbing or a silver spoon in my mouth but with a sack around my neck. Strangely, I see the media trying to twist every word that proceeds out of this president’s mouth. I wonder why? Is it because the stations they work for is predominently “republican and wealthy”?.

The mind control game is how Satan gained control of the couple in the Garden of Eden and it’s being tried again today. A simple trick but a powerful one. If the enemy gets control of the mind, it has control of the body too.

President Obama is doing his best to “mend this mess” and the enemy is not pleased. If we want to win, if we want to prosper, if we want to heal our land, stop fighting the healer and start fighting the enemy.

The enemy is NOT President Obama. Test and discern the spirits. You’re in trouble if you don’t know how.

Don’t allow the negative opinions of others or another person’s race be a factor in determining how you vote in the next election. To the other complainers, “Maybe, just maybe, if you would have taken the time to vote in elections, we might have been the majority. Ya think????

Welfare and foodstamps was and always have been a ploy to make the nation a complacent, lazy people. The government has always wanted us to be reliant on them so they could drop the ball whenever they saw fit and you would have to cry out to them. THINK PEOPLE!!!!!!! God is our source. Sounds like one of the enemy’s tricks. People that really need the stamps, that really need welfare aren’t getting them simply because many others know how to work the system. They’re getting fat while others starve.

Now, there are certain jobs we, Americans, think we are too good for. We think we are “above” doing small, menial jobs. Well, I say, any job is better than none. I rather have a $5.00 bill than no dollar bill.


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