Basic Rock Climbing Safety Equipment

Rock climbing is a fun and exhilarating sport that’s enjoyed by men, women and children all over the globe. It involves scaling a natural or manmade rock formation and you have a wide variety of options to choose from when climbing. To be a success at rock climbing, it’s important to have the right equipment and always put safety first.

Rock climbing safety equipment consists of the following items:

Climbing Rope– Rock climbing ropes are specifically made to help protect the climber from a sudden jerk, in case they fall. The typical climbing rope is about 10 millimeters in diameter and roughly 165 feet long. The average price is around $150. Climbing Shoes– These are designed especially for climbing and will help you keep your balance due to the tighter fit. The soles are made from a firm but smooth rubber that will protect your feet from the sharp rocks. This design also helps to create more friction, which helps you cling to the rocks better. The average cost is around $100. Carabineers– Carabineers are aluminum rings designed with a spring-loaded opening that you can open up to hold the rope. They come in a few different styles to fit your climbing needs and cost usually average from $5 – $20, depending on quality. Belay Devices – These are necessary in order for the belayer to keep the climber safe. Belaying devices resemble carabineers but they’re used to stop a climber from falling. There are many different types of belaying devices but most of them are made from aluminum and they’re very sturdy but lightweight. The average cost of these is around $20.00. Harness– A harness is normally worn around the waist and your legs go in the loops. They come in a variety of styles and prices but the average cost ranges from $30 to $100. This is your main source of protection so you will want a harness that is comfortable and that fits correctly so it will provide maximum protection. Webbing– Webbing is a type of rope used for very short climbs where there is no chance of a long fall, but where you still need some protection. The cost for webbing varies significantly depending on the type you purchase

There are a number of other safety equipment items needed to climb such as “Protections”. These devices are placed into cracks in the rock to help you pull up. The monolithic protection devices don’t have any moving parts while the spring-loaded camming devices do.

Other rock climbing safety equipment includes helmets, belay gloves, quickdraws, nut tool, tape, gear sling, bouldering mat, haul bag, chalk and chalk bag. After gathering together all of your safety equipment, you’re ready to head out and have a fun, exciting and safe climb!

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