Basketball Wives of LA

OOOOh! These women need to stop. On last night’s episode, the pack decided to really stick it to Draya. It wasn’t bad enough Laura pounded the snot out of Draya in the boxing ring during a previous episode. But they banded together to make that girl wanna slit her wrist.

Well, last night Laura and Whack Jackie decided to Google Draya to find more ammo to shoot this poor girl down. If you go looking, you sure will find. They found a police report and blog describing Draya’s young son being left alone for three days in their apartment while Draya was reportedly stripping. So, she was charged with child endangerment and a few other things.

So, with a print out of Draya’s police report in hand they gathered the other girls and decided to out Draya on her seedy past. I don’t care for any of these women but who the hell are these hoodrat chics who only used their uterus to come up. Draya should not have given these women the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She should have given them blank stares and the finger.

After Draya and Jackie already squashed their issue, Gloria came out with the “why didn’t you show up to Jackie’s wedding. I just hate to see a group of people have a game plan to all pounce on one person. It was so childish. Draya tried to hold it together but its tough when you are being picked on by a group. Poor Draya was explaining that she met with Malaysia and Malaysia gave her the impression there was a big discussion about Jackie inviting her. Therefore, Draya decided she wouldn’t go to the ridiculous wedding. Malaysia started doing the moonwalk and denied ever saying anything similar to what Draya heard.

I hope this is the last season of this train wreck of a show. They try to manufacture beef just to stay relevant on the show. They are 10 times worse than Basketball Wives of Miami. They dress horribly and their hair is a mess. Jackie’s ponytail looks like its about to fall out everytime she moves her head. Laura looks like a man. Imani is so desperate for a man and her weave is un-be-weavably bad.

Gloria asked her “fiancee” Matt if she could use his credit card for a Botox party. She is only 25 years old and she looks old. She needs more help with those bags under her eyes than some Botox.

I’ve never seen a group of women so ready to fight at a drop of a dime. They are all mothers for goodness sake!!! I hope these women look back at these episodes and reflect on who they are as women and reevaluate there lives and their treatment of other women. Nahhhhh! That won’t happen.

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