Baskets, Baskets and More Baskets at Dresden, Ohio

Dresden, Ohio is the homeplace of the “world’s largest manufacturer of handmade baskets” according to,Ohio. The Longaberger Company has became known for it’s “hamdmade maple splint baskets” according to,Ohio. Not only do visitors travel from all over to visit the unique shops that sell Longaberger baskets, but also to see the Longaberger Company Corporate office building. It is shaped like a huge picnic basket. The Longaberger Corporate office made this Yahoo Contributor think of the Hannah Barbara character Yogi Bear. “Now that’s a Pic-A-Nic Basket”,

Originally, the area that is now Dresden, Ohio was a Shawnee village according to It was called Wakatamika according to,Ohio. David Zeisberger, Moravian Missionary, spoke to the Shawnee at Wakatomika in 1773. In 1774, soldiers from Fort Pittsburgh led by Colonel Angus McDonald burnt down the village of Wakatomika and four other Native American villages according to, Ohio. In the 1800’s Dresden, Ohio was a part of the “Ohio and Erie Canal” trade industry according to,Ohio.

Dresden, Ohio today is a quiet town that provides basket lovers and shoppers many little shops to enjoy. There are two cool resaurants to take a break in downtown Dresden also. One is a train depot themed restaurant the other is Popeye’s a restaurant started by Dave Longaberger. It is a 1950’s themed eatery. If readers are looking for weekend get-away, Dresden, Ohio is a place to think about visiting.


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