Bass Bait : Choosing the Most Effective Bait for Bass Fishing

In this article we’re going to explore choosing the best bait for bass fishing. I’m going to focus on the best artificial bass baits and leave live bait for another article. These baits are being listed in no particular order, and are all quite effective. Any of these choices could easily be considered the most effective bass bait. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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An important thing to remember about bass fishing is that many times it’s not the bait itself that has the biggest impact on catch rates. If it was all about the bait anyone could take any of these baits and catch a ton of bass. The most important factor to bass fishing success is the individual anglers’ skill level. So, the more time that you can spend on the water practicing your craft (and putting these bass baits into action) the better off you will be. With that being said, let’s get down to the baits themselves.

The Torpedo – This bass bait is a top water bait that is shaped like a torpedo (imagine that!) and has a propeller attached to it. When pulled through the water the propeller spins creating quite a disturbance on the surface of the water. The vibrations created by the propeller attract bass, and many times trigger a strike. The Pop R – This is also a top water bass fishing lure. This bass bait is “popped” through the water, rather than being reeled in continuously. The popping sound on top of the water attracts the bass, and many times triggers a strike. These baits imitate frogs in most instances. The Plastic Worm – Anyone who has ever even thought about bass fishing is aware of the plastic worm. A plastic worm can be fished in a variety of manners including: the Carolina rig and the drop shot rig. The plastic worm can be an extremely effective bass lure. The KickTail Minnow – The KickTail imitates a shad in and extremely realistic way. This bass bait is very effective. It’s fished in the same way any crank bait is fished, the only difference being the fact that it look just like a real bait fish. The Zara Spook – The zara spook is a top water lure that imitates a wounded bait fish in a very effective way. It takes a little practice to fish effectively, but is worth this practice time. A zara spook fished over a weed bed when there is little or no wind is a great way to catch bass.

Are the above lures the flat out “most effective lures” for bass fishing? As I said, that’s impossible to say, but they are among the most effective, that’s for sure. Any or all of the above bass baits should be in your tackle box/bag and put into practice sooner, rather than later.

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