Bass Fishing with Live Worms

When it comes to bass fishing everyone knows about fishing with worms, but for the most part the worms that are thought of when it comes to bass fishing are the kind that are rubber or plastic and come in as many colors, shapes, and varieties as can be imagined. The type of worm that rarely gets mentioned is the live worm. Bass fishing with live worms can be very effective, especially if done properly and in this article I will explain the most effective way to bass fish with a worm that is alive.

When most anglers think of fishing with live worms, they think of attempting to “thread” a worm onto a fishing hook and tossing said worm in to the water. Sometimes a simple bobber is used, sometimes the worm is fished on a bottom rig, but the bottom line is that both of these methods are very rudimentary. If you want to go bass fishing with live worms in a more efficient and effective manner, a little more thought needs to be put into the process.

We all know that fish love to eat worms, and bass are certainly among this group of fish. What needs to be considered is the way in which that worm is presented to the bass that you are attempting to catch. Attempting to “thread” a live worm onto a single shanked fishing hook is not the best way to go. Why is this? Because what ends up happening is that the worm is hooked over and over again creating what some people refer to as a “worm ball”. While some bass will bite “worm balls”, large experienced bass tend not to.

This is why when bass fishing with live worms you want to rig your live worm on a double hooked rig. This gives you the ability to rig the live worm in an outstretched and natural manner (the way that a worm appears in nature), rather than having to hook the worm over and over again to keep it on the hook. When a hungry bass sees a worm presented in this manner the bass is much more likely to bite the worm.

Fishing a worm under a bobber is a great way to go about bass fishing with live worms, but most people use the wrong type of bobber and it makes them much less effective. The type of bobber that you should be using when bass fishing with live worms is called a slip bobber. Aslip bobber allows you to adjust the depth at which your worm hangs below the bobber easily. This way you can easily change the depth at which your worm hangs below the bobber, giving you the ability to position it perfectly within the water column.

Using a slip bobber coupled with a live worm that is rigged on a double hook bait rig is the best way to go about bass fishing with a worm that is alive. What, you don’t believe me? Give this technique a shot and find out for yourself just how effective it is.

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