Batman Arkham City Review

Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to Arkham Asylum. The latter was a game that really snuck up on me in 2009. There was no real hype or anticipation about the Asylum, but seeing that the game took more of its shape from the 90’s cartoon, I had to pick it up. There is no comic book feel to this game but instead an intense and gritty battle between The Dark Night and the crazed Joker. Arkham City picks up right after the Asylum is destroyed with a portion of Gotham being barricaded off with every super criminal trapped inside.

Arkham City is an open-world game with side missions galore and increased difficulty on the Riddler challenges. Where Arkham Asylum had one linear story, this game allows Batman to take on several of his rivals in multiple story lines in the order the user decides.
I’d have to say the thing I enjoy the most about this game is how much they focus on the fact that he is a detective first, and a martial artist second. Arkham City’s main and side missions are littered with puzzles, clues, and riddles to be solved.

This alone with new and improved gadgets, maneuvers, and combo abilities help make this game so much more dynamic than the first, and I actually REALLY enjoyed the first one. As far as single-player games go, this is a must-have.

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