‘Batman: The Dark Knight, Volume 1: Golden Dawn: Deluxe Edition’ Review

DC Comics collected the pre-New 52 “Batman: The Dark Knight” issues, the “Batman: The Return” one-off, and a section of “Superman/Batman” Issue #75 together in one graphic novel: “Batman: The Dark Knight, Volume 1: Golden Dawn: Deluxe Edition.” The issues included shouldn’t be confused with the new ones that began their run in September 2011.

“Batman: The Dark Knight, Volume 1: Golden Dawn: Deluxe Edition” has our hero combing the underbelly of Gotham City in search of a childhood friend named Dawn Golden. She’s been kidnapped by the Penguin and his partner in crime, Killer Croc. The Caped Crusader must find Dawn before the Penguin’s deadly plans for her come to fruition. He also goes to battle the forces of an evil nemesis calling itself Leviathan.

Writer David Finch has delivered a great tale here. He successfully weaves together two storylines that feature the Penguin, Killer Croc, and the demon Etrigan. It’s a supernaturally charged adventure filled with action and excitement. Finch shows how good he is at keeping things dark and bleak with his penciling on the second story, “Batman: The Return,” and his writing and art for the epilogue “Eternal.” He no doubt will go down in history as one of the great scribes of tales about the Dark Knight detective.

Finch and Jason Fabok provide the illustrations for the book. You really can’t tell much of a difference in their art. They did a good job of complementing each other’s work. Their art styles are based in realism and carry a grim tone. It’s Batman done right, to put it simply. The coloring was performed by a number of different people, including Scott Williams and Jaime Mendoza. The dark shading mixed with splashes of color makes the panels jump out at you.

The “Golden Dawn” Deluxe Edition is an easy and exciting read. It is everything a fan of Gotham’s finest could want in a graphic novel. There’s mystery, suspense, and action all mixed together. It forms a complex and personal tale that will satisfy the pickiest of Batman enthusiasts.

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