Beat Runner’s Fatigue with Weight Training

Running is one of the most common and effective form of exercise, often needed during high-intensity sports and day-to-day activities. Running offers several benefits to runners including weight loss, improved cardiovascular & respiratory health, improved immune system, strengthening of bones, enhanced endurance, delayed aging, and many more. However, the main culprit in achieving these extraordinary advantages in a person is the early occurrence of fatigue.

Runner’s fatigue is most commonly found to occur when you work too hard which in turn results in depletion of energy stored in your leg muscles. The contraction and movement of the leg muscles become irregular due to intense physical activity. Your feet will try to remain in contact with the ground for longer amount of time. Runner’s fatigue can be delayed through following well-planned nutrition diet programs, staying hydrated, proper rest, leg speed training and fitness workout programs.

One can prevent runner’s fatigue for a prolonged period of time through addition of weight training to their exercise program. According to a recent research conducted by Northumbria University, when legs are strengthened with weight training in the gym, runner’s fatigue are delayed for much longer amount of time resulting in increased speed and improved endurance. However, such fitness workout programs should only be carried out under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer.

If you are new to running you can also incorporate online fitness workout programs for the purpose of improving your endurance. Select online fitness workout programs that are specifically designed for you. However, if the online fitness workout programs are not designed as per the personal needs of your body than you are more likely to experience painful shin splints, muscle cramps, muscle damage etc. due to muscle fatigue.

Some of the leg training exercises for runners include Deadlifts (lifting of loaded barbell off the ground from a stabilized bent over position), Squats (holding a barbell behind the neck & lowering yourself down into a squat and than powering up through your heels), and Lunges (holding two dumbbells at your sides, stepping forward with either right or left leg, dipping down to reach 90-degree angle and than return to center), etc.

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