Beating Back Holiday Blues

Some people say they want to get through the holidays as if they’re a test of endurance. The colors of red and green are a go sign to be blue, and they begin their yearly habitual ritual of suffering through seasonal sadness. They brace themselves from the first sale, through the holiday songs and decorations, to the last melancholy notes of Auld Lang Zine.

Holidays can be a time of loneliness and regret when we find ourselves haunted by ghosts of Christmas past. Because specific dates are fixed on a calendar it’s easy to remember details of what we look back on as a happier place and time.

Familiar sights and sounds of the season remind us of ones we loved who loved us back, who slowly or suddenly, slipped away.

Smiles we cherished got lost in time. What we once thought was forever turned temporary and ended. Yesterday became today.

The truth is that nothing was as good as we remember. Imperfections soften over time and fold into our imagination.

Do you remember you were broke and tired, your shoes pinched, your sweater itched, you were uncomfortable, the turkey was dry, the gifts were a disappointment, your guests showed up late, spilled the wine and ruined the carpet and you couldn’t wait for the day to end?

The songs and the seasons were here before we came. We are the one who give them meaning.

Sounds of crunching through the snow, the taste of nutmeg and the scent of pine remain the same. It is you and I who change.

See the truth of tear inducing scenes of actors playing happy members of a family, and ads that try to convince you that gifts bring eternal joy.

The dimmest flickering candle conquers the darkness. When we try to focus on some distant past we close our eyes to the light.

It isn’t always easy. But where is it written it’s supposed to be easy? When you start at hard, it always gets easier.

From the first strains of ‘Silent Night’ to the discarded tinsel laden Christmas trees in the alley, you can choose to change the meaning.

Your gift of now is your present.
It deserves to be cherished.

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