‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ Return with Riffs on ‘Twilight’ and Manly Tears

“Beavis and Butt-head,” the wastoid, dim witted teenagers who graced or blighted the television airwaves of the 1990s (depending on one’s viewpoint), are back in a reboot for the 21st Century. In a way, it is as if those two had never left us.

Some spoilers follow.

The first fifteen minute episode, “Werewolves of Highland” find those two in a movie theater watching a certain movie about a teenage vampire, a teenage werewolf, and a teenager whom Butt-head is pretty sure must be a zombie because she sure acts as if she were dead. They are surrounding by beauteous teenage girls who coo and sigh with every purple prose line about loving someone until their hearts stop beating. Their snide comments, understandable under the circumstances, get them tossed out of the theater, but not before a revelation.

In order to “score” the boys must become undead. This is reinforced by Mr. Van Driessen, who is looking pretty good for an old hippie in the 21st Century, lecturing about gothic romance literature. And so they set forth to find someone to turn them into a character from “Twilight” so that they can at last “score.”

They come upon a hairy man whom they are pretty sure must be a werewolf. He is not, but he has almost every disease known to medical science. So the boys are transformed, alright, but not in the way they desire.

The second episode was a little lamer, having to do with Beavis catching a tear thanks to an onion in his greasy chili dog and Butt-Head not letting him hear the end of it.

As usual, we get to hear the boys’ comments on music videos and, with a new twist, reality TV. This writer does not watch “Jersey Shore,” however the vignette set in a pizza parlor in Florence was a hoot. One would think that even a group of Guidos and Guidettes would be able to get their minds around making pizza. The abuse the boys heap upon Snookie, a gal who seems to live for sex, drinking, and getting into trouble with the law, seems almost unfair. But just almost.

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