“Because I Said So!”

“Sit still!” “Don’t jump!” “Why don’t you behave?”
These are things my parents say when they rant and rave.
Maybe they forgot what it’s like to be a kid,
And can’t quite remember all the fun things that they did.

“Clean your room!” “Wash your face!” “Don’t talk back to me!”
These are favorite phrases that they use quite frequently.
When they tell me, “NO!” and I ask them, “Why?”
“Because I said so!” is often their reply.

“Where’s my tools?” “Who ate the cookies?” “Did you break the swing?”
No matter what happens, I get the blame for everything.
Sometimes I wish I had a double;
So he could share the pain for all this trouble.

“Open your ears!” “Pay attention!” “Listen to what I say!”
My parents always want things done exactly their way.
But, if I ask them to stop and listen to me;
They hurry around and act real busy.

“Go to bed!” “Turn out your light!” “It’s getting very late!”
These are things my parents say when the clock hits eight.
Even though I’m not tired, or ready for dreamland.
I’m forced to hit the pillow upon their command.

“Open your books!” “School’s important!” “Is your homework done?”
Don’t they know that going to school isn’t always fun?
The spelling bee, a math test, and book report due today.
After finishing all of these there isn’t much time to play.

“Drink your milk!” “Eat your veggies!” “Chew your food!”
These are things kids must do even if they’re not in the mood.
Why can’t we eat what and when we want?
When it comes to eating why do parents snarl and grunt?

“Never lie!” “Don’t cheat!” “You must not steal!”
These are things they say; in hope we never will.
Don’t they think we know right from wrong?
Must they keep reminding us our whole life long?

“Be nice!” “Don’t mumble!” “Say please and thank you!”
Parents seem to enjoy telling their children what to do.
But I guess I can live with it, knowing that some day;
I’ll be a parent telling my children what to do and say!

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