Beer Lover Gift Ideas

Is there someone on your gift list that would feel this quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Beer truly is proof that God loves us,” is completely true? This gift idea list is for you.

Beer is a favorite beverage in many cultures across the globe. After a water and tea, it is the most popular drink in the world. Beer is at the center of a $450 billion industry. Here are some great gifts for the beer lover on your gift list. These ideas include items for the avid beer drinker, the beer drinker who likes to cook, and the beer drinker wanting to brew their own beer.

The Oxford Companion to Beer

Do you have a beer nerd in your family? This is a great gift for beer lovers who want to know the history of beer over the globe. This book is a reference work that investigates the history beer. It features A-Z entries written by beer experts. It is attractively illustrated and covers everything from the local effects of brewing on regions, the agricultural make up of beers and the technical elements of brewing. This book covers different terminology and how different techniques affect the taste and texture of beer. Beer lovers will also enjoy the accounts of how drinking traditions have changed over time and how traditions are different over the globe.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit

Has the beer lover on your list express interest in making their own beer? This would be a great gift! This Home Brew Kit includes everything one would need to make their own beer at home; a 2 gallon brew keg, 2 beer mixes, and re-useable bottles and lids. It includes Mr. Beer’s two most popular beer mixes, “Classic American Blonde Ale” and “Cowboy Golden Lager”. Other flavors are also available.

300 Beers To Try Before You Die!

Any true beer lover would love this book. It is divides beer by type and with each section the beers are alphabetically listed. This book gives a detailed description of the beer and it’s history. Each beer also has a box for adding your own notes on the beer.

Mr. Beer 3-Beer Mix Variety Pack

This gift is great for the beer lover who already is brewing at home. This variety pack contains three cans of beer mix. Each can produces twenty 12-ounce bottles of beer. The variety pack also comes with “booster” packs. These “booster” packs enhance the flavor, body and alcohol content of the beer. This gift could also be given with the Mr. Beer Home Brew Kit.

The Beer Lover’s Gourmet Gift Box

So, the beer lover on your list also loves to cook. Well then this is the gift for you. This gift box comes with 10 items made with beer. Items are made with Red Tale Ale, Sierra Nevada Beer and others.

Beer is Proof God Loves Us

The title of this book alone needs to be on any beer lover’s book shelf. Beer has a story that needs to be told with love and passion. For a new beer lover this fun book can also be used as a learning resource. Learn how to tell a great beer from a good beer. Uncover beer in unlikely places, like the Bible. Learn the secrets of foam, color, clarity and freshness.

Hope this helps you get a great gift the beer lover on your gift list.

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