Beertowns: Boston

Boston has a lot going for it when it comes to beer; some of the oldest bars in the country, some of the best seafood to eat while quaffing a brew and a proud history of beer making that dates to the city’s pre revolutionary days.

Revolutionary patriot Samuel Adams is synonymous with good beer to this day thanks, in large part, to the iconic Sam Adams family of lagers, ales and stouts from the brewery that got its start in Boston and continues to grow in global popularity with each passing year. Harpoon is another maker of fine ale that calls The Hub home as well. If you happen to be in town, make at least one of these fine establishments a tour destination.,

So, where to enjoy some of the local brews along with some beers from around the world? The Union Oyster House and The Bell In Hand Tavern are just steps apart in the crooked streets of downtown and not far from the hustle and bustle of the Fanueuil Hall and Quincy Market areas. As its name suggests, The Union Oyster House is all about seafood; really, really good seafood. Yes, it is a bit on the touristy side and it’s always pretty crowded but with good reason; the food and atmosphere make for a combination that’s hard to match anywhere. If the thoughts of a really good clam chowder and a nice Sam Adams Boston Ale sounds good to you, this is the place to go.

If you want to take in a Bruins, Patriots or Red Sox game, just take a walk around the corner to the Bell In Hand where its been since the eighteenth century. This cozy triangular pub is just the right place to get to know some locals and global visitors while you knock back a brew or two.

If you’re feeling a little old school, head across the Charles River to Cambridge to a place called Grendel’s Den, a basement bar that’s a favorite of a nearby school you may have heard of called Harvard. You can just feel the vibe from tomorrow’s movers and shakers while you dive into some delicious pub grub. Once you’ve fueled up, take a walk around campus and rub the shoe on founder John Harvard’s statue for good luck.

Boston is about as Irish as it gets on this side of the Atlantic and you won’t have any problem finding a fine Irish Pub. For that authentic feel from the olde sod, try An Tain, 31 India Street.

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