Being Selfless in Business, Not Selfish! At Work and Home, it Pays Off Big!

Business should not be about being selfish, but selfless. Embrace and help others and yourself. Reach out to those in your group, whether at work or at home, and great things will happen! What do we mean by being selfless? Simple really. Be the person you want to deal with. At work, take on the projects you’re best able to handle even when you don’t like them. At home, do the stuff everyone hates. For me, that’s laundry.

Now, as to how this helps you, that’s even easier. People will think more of you when you’re willing to go that extra bit for the team. At work, you will be better thought of by both co-workers and supervisors. It will be easier to get your ideas past people because they will know you are doing it for the betterment of all. You will be counted on more to do things that are important. They know you will offer to help with anything and that you are willing to put yourself out there. You know the old saying, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Well it’s true. It’s nice to know that you’re willing to pitch in as needed. Last minute fill-in for one of those perpetually late people. Maybe picking some stuff up that someone else just didn’t have time to do. Coming and helping out some folks who need a sounding board. All of this helps you help yourself in the long run. In a world full of “I deserve” people, those of us who give are valued much more. At home, this is expected of you. Many don’t do it though, so be careful here. If you want to be the “good spouse” when the wives or husbands are chatting, then pitching in and being selfless will get you where you want to go. The other spouses will say you’re a good catch, a keeper and ask where they can get one.

Keep an eye out for those unfortunate souls who will take advantage of you though. There are limits, and you should be able to recognize when a selfish person is trying to take advantage of you. Don’t let them do it. Others in your group will know who they are. They won’t be liked or respected. Still, do what you need to do, and don’t descend down to their level, obviously, but make sure it’s known that you are aware of what they are doing, or not doing in this case. Just remember to be that knight in shining armor to both your family and your co-workers, and you will always come out ahead.

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