Benefits of a Facebook Landing Page

Social media is becoming an increasingly indispensable part of business marketing plans. As one arm of a proper social marketing arsenal, examining the benefits of a Facebook landing page is part of a smart plan to not just use social outlets, but use them well, and discover how to get the maximum advantage from them.

For the uninitiated, many companies and other organizations have their own dedicated pages on Facebook. Ordinarily, someone visiting such pages would view the Wall first, just as with a personal account; that is, the part of the profile that others can comment on, and also shows the originating author’s status updates. However, one functionality of a Facebook Page is the “landing page,” which allows the organization a custom page that visitors first see when they arrive, rather than the usual Wall. This option certainly has its benefits.

Instant Gratification

Usually, someone visiting a business’s Facebook page would be greeted with their Wall, which may not contain the information they are looking for, despite having the most up-to-date information. They may need to hit the “Info” link to discover more pertinent information, or even want to browse the “Photos” section for a product image or latest promotional item. Forming a high-quality landing page is beneficial because it can provide the visitor with an instantly valuable destination, rather than have to hunt around, especially if the organization knows what their visitors are usually going to be looking for anyway.


Then, if the Facebook landing page is serving visitors well with its blend of accessibility and usability, the organization can just let that landing spot do the work. The social media administrator or marketing team can just sit back and relax, maybe run some analytics to see how well it is working. The point is this: Relying on the wall as the greeting space for visitors means that not only is there increased pressure to ensure timely, relevant updates, but that the wall is constantly maintained to present itself pristinely and optimally, including the possible need to moderate outsider comments or spammers. This pressure can be relived by using a proper landing page instead.

Customization Options

Although, for many portions of its site, Facebook puts its users onto very specific platforms to use, they allow an admirable amount of freedom to those working on the landing tabs of branded Facebook pages. The landing page can be as simple as a big shiny graphic showing off a new deal, or a complex, multi-functional portal that operates as a microcosm of the main website. Whatever option is chosen, the fact that options exist is valuable in and of itself, and is potentially a boon that should not be ignored.

Savvy social media professionals and users may already recognize the benefits of a Facebook landing page, but it may be wise to include a semi-annual review of such page’s use as part of company policy. Having a great landing page on Facebook can be the difference between turning away potential new customers and making new friends more quickly.

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