Bergamo Natural Table and Chair

Since my son is in his first year of school, I wanted to purchase a table and chair set for him although he doesn’t receive homework yet. I thought by my son having his own little table and chair set he would be more inclined to sit at it as opposed to the dining room table when working on his literacy skills as well as listening skills-his own learning and activity space.

I searched around a bit but didn’t quite find anything until I heard about Toys R Us new layaway. Looking through their online products I came across the Bergamo natural table and chair. I liked this table for my son because it was made of wood and the color reminded me of oak which I thought would be perfect. I didn’t want him getting distracted by graphics that were offered on other table and chair sets.

The Bergamo natural table and chair was about eighty dollars which wasn’t bad because I put it on layaway, and it only took me three payments to get it off. Instead of having it shipped to my house I just decided to pick it up at the store because I wouldn’t have to pay any shipping fees.

When I got the Bergamo natural table and chair set home, I opened the box and was surprised to see how thin the direction booklet was. The instruction booklet consisted of about three or four pages, and there was ten times as many table and chair pieces in front of me. Despite the thin instruction booklet, the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow.

The only thing I can say came completely together were the backs of the two chairs and the top of the table. Everything else I had to put together myself which didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I had to assemble the table legs, and I had to put together the seats and the legs on the chairs. I think the chairs were the most frustrating part because much attention had to go into their correct placement which was tedious work.

Once assembled, I love how smooth the surface of both the chairs and table were. I also like how comfortable the chairs are for my son to sit on, and I like how sturdy the table and chairs are. The table is huge which allows my son to place his reading books, coloring books, activity books, and writing materials without crowding the table. The Bergamo natural table and chair set is my son’s favorite item in the house and it was definitely worth the price I paid for it.

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