Best Burger Restaurants in Hua Hin, Thailand – Looking for an Amazing American-Style Burger and Fries?

Known for its incredible Thai food, Hua Hin, Thailand also has a plethora of international food restaurants. For travelers, or those who live in Hua Hin and love a good burger, there are also some wonderful burger joints in the city — surprising to some as Thais don’t usually eat a lot of beef. The next time you’re in Hua Hin, avoid Burger King, which truly is awful, and eat a real American-style burger, at one of these top Hua Hin burger restaurants.

Grace’s American Burgers and Grill @ You Yen – One of the newer, and most people say, the best burger joints in Hua Hin is Grace’s American Burgers and Grill @ You Yen. Known for its 100% beef burgers and its great mix of both American-style cuisine and Thai dishes, it’s a wonderful place for both westerners and Thais.

Of course their burgers and fries are incredible, as is just about everything else they serve, make a point of trying their BBQ ribs and any one of the seafood dishes. They’re all superb. Absolutely superb.

Prices are reasonable, portions are huge and the service is excellent. What more could you ask for?

You’ll find Grace’s American Burgers and Grill at
29 Neabkeharst Road, Hua Hin Soi 51 , Hua Hin .

Buffalo Bill’s – One of the oldest American-style restaurants in Hua Hin, Buffalo Bill’s has been around for almost 15 years – a lifetime in Thailand, where restauarants open and close at the drop of a hat. Not surprising really though, as the food at Buffalo Bill’s is wonderful, particularly the burgers.

On a first visit, don’t leave without trying the Buffalo Bill’s Quarter Pounder with bacon and cheese – it’s a huge burger, absolutely delicious and cooked exactly the way you want it. The french fries are excellent too.

You’ll also find chicken burgers, fish burgers, sandwiches, seafood, paella, steaks, salads, pizzas, and a lot more as their menu is massive, and they’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can visit a few times. They also have free Wi-Fi, so take your laptop if you’d like to get online.

Buffalo Bill’s is at
8 Naresdamri Road, Prachuabkirikhan, Hua Hin.

Johnnie Walker’s
Pub – One of the most relaxed and ‘cool’ pubs in Hua Hin, Johnnie Walker’s is famous for its live music, fun, friendly staff, great beer and superb pub food — including some darned excellent burgers and fries (or chips, as the local expats usually call them).

Johnnie Walker’s Pub serves burgers, cheeseburgers, cordon bleu, sandwiches, chicken wings, and excellent nachos. Prices are reasonable, the staff is lovely, and as they serve food from the minute they open at 9am until the end of their late-night closing, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here (and be served delicious food every time).

Johnnie Walker’s is on 56 Selakam Road Hua Hin.

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