Best Football Stadiums in Cleveland

Cleveland, my hometown, prides itself in being a football city. No matter how many games the Cleveland Browns lose or win, there is always streams and streams of fans that pour into the stadium to watch the game. Thus, there are many great football stadiums in Cleveland to take friends and family to to have a great time because of this strong football tradition.

Cleveland Brown’s Stadium

This brings us to the crown jewel of Cleveland’s football stadiums: Cleveland Browns Stadium, which is on West Third Street in Cleveland. It is one of the few stadiums in the National Football League that is without a corporate label, which is a significant statement. In addition, the stadium is enormously impressive, stretching into the skyline, and incredibly picturesque because it is situated on the lakefront. However, a Browns game may not be the best place to take your friends and family if they are not used to rowdy crowds. Cleveland Browns fans can literally act in a crazy manner, so be prepared for a wild time. To learn more about Cleveland Brown’s Stadium, check out their site here.

Case Western’s Stadium

Another beautiful football field in Cleveland is Case Western Reserve University football field, which is also downtown not too far from Brown’s Stadium. It is situated behind their apartment complexes and is secluded away from the city environment enough to feel like separate from it while still incorporating the city architecture to give it a uniquely urban feel. Case Western’s football team has been ranked nationally in Division III for the past several years, going undefeated in the regular season many times. It is a fun team to watch with family and friends and it draws a crowd so the atmosphere is always great but not too rowdy. To learn more about Case Western football team and stadium facilities, visit their site here .

Cuyahoga Heights High School Stadium

Cuyahoga Heights High School 10 minutes south of Cleveland at East 71st St. in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, has an excellent stadium that is evocative of Ohio State’s Stadium in coloring and spirit, sharing the scarlet and gray motif and the die-hard fans. Furthermore, the stadium is set into a small valley, which plays perfectly into creating natural seating for the numerous fans. The Cuyahoga Heights football team draws a great deal of fans because of its strong football tradition and history of success. It consistently is competing in the football state playoffs. Although it is an extremely small school, a member of Division V, it has sent many of its athletes to play at the collegiate level, some even at Division I colleges. It is the perfect place to take family and friends because it is a welcoming environment and the community is very close. To learn more about Cuyahoga Heights High School football team and football stadium, check out their site.

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