Best Free IPad Apps

Apple’s iPad is a powerful and fun tool that can be used to do great things. The way an iPad does great things is with its apps. There are thousands upon thousands of apps available specifically for the iPad and better yet thousands of those apps are free. It’s tough to determine which of those free apps is worthy enough to be placed on the screen of your precious iPad, but that is why I have created this simple list of five apps that must be on your tablet.

1). Flipboard: Flipboard is the best personalized news app in the app store. Decide from countless topics to view the information you want. You can also set up your Facebook and twitter account and see the post or tweets as if it was the news. The interface for Flipboard is so simple yet so perfect that there is no thinking involve, just doing. To look at the topic you wish to see just tap on that square. Then just flip your finger left and right to view more news. It is as if reading a magazine or a book.

2). i.TV: i.TV is a great TV guide for your iPad. It’s very simple to set up. Just choose your location and television provider and i.TV does the rest. The user interface is very nice and elegant. The performance while scrolling through the channels is swift and smooth and that is why i.TV is my favorite pick for the best TV guide.

3). The Weather Channel: The Weather Channel app for the iPad is my favorite weather app for the iPad. It shows you the radar view of the weather along with temperature, cloudiness etc.. The app gives you an hour by hour view of the weather and also a ten day view of the weather. If there are any thunder storms or severe weather the app will alert you. This a must have for every iPad user.

4). This one is easy, app for the iPad is a great dictionary app. The entire dictionary is stored on to the iPad so no Internet is required to view the Definition of a word. It is not only a dictionary but also a great thesaurus as well.

5). Harbor Master HD: Harbor Master is my favorite game for the iPad because it can be played by multiple people and with a screen so large multiplayer games are perfect. The goal of Harbor Master is to dock and undock the ships to there harbor, matching them correctly with there color and making sure not to crash into each other. This app is free for the first setting but if you want more settings you have to pay via in-app purchases.

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