Best French Toast in Scottsdale, Arizona

The best French toast in Scottsdale, Arizona, is prepared by a great café that, unfortunately, is only local.

This means I’ll probably never enjoy this French toast ever again, since I foresee no reason to visit Scottsdale, Arizona, ever again.

The name of the place is The Breakfast Joynt. It’s tucked neatly into a chain of establishments in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I had to visit to accompany my father for his laser spine surgery.

The Breakfast Joynt is open from early morning till 2:30 pm, and they serve breakfast (and lunch foods) all the way to closing.

I had their French toast two days in a row, and it was SO good! I asked the server if the Breakfast Joynt was a chain, or only local to Scottsdale, Arizona. I was dismayed to learn that it was the only one.

The meal consists of six half slices of Texas toast (i.e., thick large slices), neatly overlapping each other on a plate. You can have the butter melted completely, and choice of syrup includes 100 percent pure maple. I like traditional syrup – the sugary junk sold at the supermarket.

The way I eat French toast is to pour on the butter, then pour on the syrup, underneath and on top, giving the slices a good soak. And this is impossible to eat without a tall glass of chilled milk. The milk is an absolute must. In fact, I always tell the server to bring out the milk right before the meal. This way I won’t be staring at hot French toast getting cold, while I then wait for the milk.

I wolfed down the French toast, on both days, like nothing. The best time to enjoy a meal like this is when one is very hungry. And the best time to consume a meal like this is within an hour of a strenuous weight workout.

That’s when insulin sensitivity is at its highest. I’m a personal trainer and know full-well that within an hour of an intense workout, the body is most efficient at burning up incoming calories – incoming sugars and fats – to be sent straight to exhausted muscles for recovery.

A meal like this is throbbing with major calories; by my estimation, I’d say 1,700 – remember, there’s syrup involved, butter and milk (skim in my case; I prefer the taste of skim to other varieties).

If you ever visit Scottsdale, Arizona, check out The Breakfast Joynt for killer French toast.

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