Best funny couple Halloween costumes 2011

If you’re heading off to a monster mash this Halloween or hosting a get-together with a significant other, pick out a Halloween costume that will turn a few heads and get a few laughs. Some fun and cheeky Halloween costumes can make you both the center of attention at Halloween events, and ensure you’ll be remembered for many years ahead. You can pick up a costume at the local party store or flex your crafting skills to make your own!

Here are just a few of the best funny couple Halloween costumes for 2011:

SNL Spartan Cheerleaders

Go as male and female Spartan Cheerleaders from the classic “SNL” skit — double points if you can pull off a cheer, SNL-style. These are authentic cheerleader costumes with the Spartan logo and can be a casual outfit for all-day Halloween events.

Jack Skellington and Sally

The perfect spoof for Halloween, this Jack Skellington and Sally costume will be a hit with fans of “Nightmare Before Christmas” and a fun play on some of the ghouls, witches and horror-inspired costumes you usually find over Halloween. Both costumes come with masks and complete outfits. Add your own boots and gloves for the complete look.

Bacon and Eggs Costume

Try something completely different this Halloween with the Bacon and Eggs Couples Adult Costume. You can decide who gets to be the bacon and who gets to be the egg for this off-beat costume that’s sure to attraction attention this Halloween. The set includes tunics with each food item so you’ll need to wear your own shirts, pants and shoes to match.

Kermit and Miss Piggy

Make a scene at any Halloween party with a Muppets-inspired costume. Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are much-loved characters that are sure to get a chuckle (or two) at any Halloween party. Kermit costumes include the frog mask, flipper shoe covers, jacket with attached shirt and bow tie and a nose attachment. Miss Piggy includes a wig, gloves and red dress.

Ball and Chain Costume

Are people already calling you a “ball and chain” couple? This Ball and Chain Costume could be the perfect way to make a grand entrance at any Halloween party. The whole costume is made with metallic lame foam construction and you’ll be joined to your partner with a heavy-duty strap. All you need to complete the outfit is a good pair of shoes, and shorts or pants.

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