Best Giant Stuffed Animals 2011-2012

Sometimes bigger really is better – especially when it comes to stuffed animals. The list of Best Giant Stuffed Animals for this 2011 Christmas season into 2012 includes selections that would make excellent life-sized plush pals or focal point displays.

The best list is ranked using recent sales figures plus general preferences by consumers. Below are the top 3 stuffed animal giants from the best list to get you started:

Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe:

Standing at almost 5 feet tall, the Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe may just end up being the tallest toy in your home. Its friendly face and life-like eyelashes will welcome lots of love and affection from kids. Its sturdy legs have wire frames, allowing it to stand on its own, with lots of plush padding to withstand tumbles from enthusiastic hugs and the hazards of rough play. The long neck and body are authentically colored with tan, brown and orange spots just like a real giraffe. Your child will find this stuffed animal almost irresistible to touch or cuddle. You may even find yourself patting this one as you pass. Recommended for 3 and up.

Melissa & Doug Giant Brown Bear:

Just about any living being, of any age, is going to fall in love with the Melissa & Doug Giant Brown Bear. His kindly face and awesome size of 3 feet tall (over 2 feet sitting) make him a real “life-size” play mate for most kids. His soft plushy fur and long arms and legs invite lots of hugs and cuddling. And he is sturdy enough to withstand constant play and wrestling or to double as a floor pillow for sitting or lying on to read or watch a movie. Big or little, young or old, your favorite “kid” will appreciate having this big huggable companion around to keep them company.

Melissa & Doug Giant Panda:

For the Panda fan, why not go for this big, pleasantly plumped-up Melissa & Doug Giant Panda. Realistic looking, In black and white of course, it has that endearing Panda face and a silky soft cushy feel that will just attract constant hugs or strokes. As big as it is (over 2 feet tall), it’s not too heavy. But its construction is sturdy enough to withstand being lovingly pulled everywhere by whatever body part is handy – an ear, arm or leg. This plush bear would also make a wonderful display pal for an older child or teen. Very soft and huggable and will appear to all.

Just looking at pictures makes me want to reach out and touch one of these cuddly critters from the Best Giant Stuffed Animals for 2011 and early 2012. If you’re in the market, make your selections quickly. These appear to be a big item this season.

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