Best Golf Holes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Golfing in Myrtle Beach will be a delight for any golfer wanting a challenge. Well-known for its golf courses, this part of South Carolina has some unique holes any golfer would want to attempt. With more than 100 golf courses, this will not be easy. A golfer wishing to find the best holes to play, will find himself or herself debating over many different golf courses.

Tidewater’s Hole 3

One of the best holes in South Carolina, as stated by The Sun News, is the par 3 at Tidewater. The five bunkers and marsh surrounded green, makes this a hole that every accomplished or amateur golfer dreads. Golf Digest and Golf Magazine voted this course the best in North America when it opened. In 2007, Golfweek ranked it as one of the top courses to play.

The par 3 has five different tee boxes to start from, including a 157-box. You may want to try the 93-yard tee box if you are an average golfer, because of the way the green moves toward the marshes or the three-tiered green. You must choose the correct landing area or you will find yourself lucky to three putt this green.

Tidewater Golf Club
1400 Tidewater Drive
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29582
(843) 913-2424
(800) 446-5363

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club Hole 13

Another well-known hole in Myrtle Beach is the 13th at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club. Robert Trent Jones Jr. originally designed this course and it has lived up to his legacy. Since its inception in 1948, the course has been renovated several times. However, it has remained one of the top ten golf course, according to many golfing magazines.

The management of the golf course has given each hole its own nickname, so the golfer will know what he is facing. The 13th hole, better known as the “Waterloo,” finds a golfer attempting to stay away from the right side of the green, where Lake Singleton runs. With four different tee boxes, this hole measures 590 yards to 510 yards. Just remember to stay on the left side when you attempt to drive the ball.

Dunes Golf & Beach Club
9000 N. Ocean Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29572
(843) 449-5236

Farmstead Golf Links Hole 18

Designed by Willard Byrd, the 18th hole at Farmstead Golf Links will find you wishing you had shot better on the first 17 holes. One of the few par 6 holes in the nation, the 18th will let you begin the hole in South Carolina, but finish the hole in North Carolina. Measuring from the shortest tee at 635 yards to the longest tee box at 767 yards, you will find yourself wanting for shots for par from this golf hole.

The hole is still not considered the most difficult on the golf course, so save your strokes and try to get par on this challenging hole. According to the scorecard from Farmstead Golf Links, hole 1 and 16 are the most difficult. The intimidating slope and views that these two holes display will challenge your nerves, as well as your shot making ability.

Farmstead Golf Links
541 McLamb Road
Calabash, North Carolina 28467
(866) 749-7277
(910) 575-7999

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