Best Haunted Theme Parks for Halloween 2011

If you can hold on tight and run fast, I hope that you can survive the adrenaline rush of these haunted theme parks. October is one of the best times to travel to theme parks because they turn into haunted attractions. These haunted events are so scary that you have to be at least 13 to attend. If you like scary rides and scary movies, you’ll probably like visiting these theme parks this Halloween.

Knott’s Berry Farm

8039 Beach Boulevard

Buena Park, CA

When: September 23 – October 31, 2011

(714) 220-5200

Are ready to scream at people who run up to you out of nowhere, and scare you with their costumes and quick movements? Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA has been doing haunted themes for 39 years and this year, there will be 13 mazes, seven shows, four scare zones, and 1,000 gruesome monsters. Knott’s Scary Farm opens September 23 and runs till October 31st. Knott’s Scary Farm is well known for ‘Lockdown: The Asylum’ and the ‘Slaughterhouse.’ In 2010, it was the Doll Factory that had people screaming through the maze for a way out.

New for 2011

Invasion Beneath – a haunted maze

End Games- Halloween Haunt

Delirium-a haunted maze

Cedar Point

1 Cedar Point Drive

Sandusky, OH 44870

(419) 627-2350

Each weekend starting September 16, Cedar Point will be open at night for Halloweekends. The Blood on the Bayou is a new maze added for 2011, and from the looks of it, I’m not for sure how many people can find their way out of the maze. Cedar Point has been able to keep up with the scariest attractions and this year the Cornstalkers and Blood on the Bayou, may be the scariest. In the past they’ve had the frightening haunted house called the Happy Jack’s Toy Factory, which had creepy dolls and it has returned for another year. Cedar Point is by far one of the scariest haunted amusement parks to visit this Halloween. There will be 6 mazes and 4 haunted houses for 2011.

Universal Studios

Hollywood, CA and Orlando, FL

Universal Studios has taken some of the best scariest movies and turned them into haunted attractions for rides and haunted houses. Halloween Horror Nights had popular themes like Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Chucky’s Revenge in 2010. This year there will be all new scare zone mazes with themes out of horror movies. There will be chain saws, scary people doing crazy things, and a lot of mazes.

Halloween Horror Nights is the biggest and one of the best events during October. This event will run on select nights beginning September 23 – October 31. The horror movie themes for 2011 are: Hostel, The Thing, La Llorona, Alice Cooper, The Wolfman, House of 100 Corpses, and Scream. There will be 8 haunted houses, 6 scare zones, and 2 live shows at Universal Studios.


Knott’s Berry Farm

Cedar Point

Universal Studios

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