Best House Cleaning Tips: How to Keep a Smaller Home Clean

I have been called OCD on several occasions, because of my tendencies to clean even if a situation doesn’t call for it. There is a misunderstanding that I like to clean when the opposite is more accurate. Besides my frustration of probable messiness, I’ve always detested clutter, yet forever I’ve been victim to limited space.

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Counters Cleared

Whether a large or small home, kitchen and bathrooms are repeatedly used areas with a tendency to get filthy quick. My home lacks cabinet space and counter space is marginal. Keeping the counters cleared and clean will not only help keep things tidy, but will make your space seem larger. Avoid purchasing large countertop appliances likely to only be used once, before occupying a permanent portion of your counter. I also recommend buying an island. Costing between $100 and $300 dollars, you can find many islands today that are easy to assemble with a large variety of space and options, like a fold down leaf, built in knife rack, stainless steel top, wine rack, paper towel holder, etc.

Bathrooms are somewhat harder since ladies have so many extra items they accumulate over time. Often these once used items for the face or hands with different smells or exfoliating properties can be combined for reuse or simply thrown away. Designate a drawer or spot to different items and once out of room discard the extras.

Wood, Tile or Laminate Flooring in Main Living Spaces

Nothing is harder to keep clean than the floor. Let’s face it, that’s where everything ends up even when cleaning. Carpet is awful and even if you spend $4500 on a Kirby vacuum and steam cleaner, you still have a dirty carpet lying around your house. Tile, wood and laminate floors look nice, clean easy and rarely break or stain. Area rugs are great for comfort, warmth and can be taken out and cleaned right. Plus, by simply changing an area rug or piece of furniture you can completely change the feel and look of that room for almost nothing.

In with the New, Out with the Old

In my home, everything that comes in replaces something already there. Make sure what you purchase what you need. Then sell, give away, or throw away the previous item, so that it will not be sitting around the house in your little precious space.

Make sure Your Purchases have Somewhere to Go

All the rooms in my house are optimally filled. Purchasing anything new requires making a decision of what will be moved and where. Sometimes moving something isn’t an option, so it’s either replacing or storing it, which I still like to know that there is somewhere I can store the item that it won’t be in the way or considered clutter.

A Tidy Kids Room

A kid’s room is going to get chaotic even if you’re as meticulous as me. The best way to deter this ordeal is to plan ahead. Avoid toys with numerous small parts and provide bins like cubby shelves that are excellent for books and storing toys while looking great. As a rule, toys and clothes should be put up daily.

Clean Your Messes Immediately

Obviously this makes sense, but after a big meal or get together the best time to clean up is immediately. If you wait, you are going to get tired and almost certainly end up with a worse mess. Messes are best cleaned up early, because after time stains are harder to remove, food dries up, and pest start to arrive.

Hopefully these are tips to get you started on your way to a clean and tidy home. Smaller homes seem harder to keep clean, but are less to clean in the long run. With a few rules and a simple cleaning plan you can have a home that always seems open, clean and inviting.

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