Best Jewelry Online Made from Recycled Materials

There are many great websites available today for the green-savvy shopper and if you’re a gal (or guy) like me who loves jewelry, then you’ll be happy to know your jewelry addiction can also be eco-friendly. I’ve spent some time scouring the Internet for great recycled finds and handmade items and I highly recommend Etsy and similar sites for investing in handmade (and usually eco-friendly) items. But when you’re looking for something a little more upscale, here are some other ideas.

Barbie Doll Jewelry

These designs by Margaux Lange are made from discarded Barbie dolls and are truly one-of-a-kind and unlike anything else you will see. This isn’t like stringing some thread through a Barbie head; this is really amazing art done in a unique way I’ve never seen before.

Tupperware Necklaces and More

Another fantastic place for great eco-friendly jewelry is Liana Kabel. This site has some really cool stuff like Tupperware necklaces and bangles made out of old knitting needles. The jewelry is fun and colorful and eco-friendly. I love it and my daughter loves it, too. You will find fun pieces that cross generations and also make great gifts.

Beach Necklace from Recycled Plastic

The first thing I ever saw from was a beach-themed necklace made from recycled plastic of various colors. From this site, everything is made to order and the maker is more than just a great artist but also someone who truly cares about the environment. You’ll feel good making a purchase from this site.

Eco Bands from Candy Wrappers

Another really cool site with trendy, eco-friendly jewelry is The official wristband of the site is the eco band made from recycled candy wrappers and they plant a tree for each one that is sold. But there is so much more to find on this awesome site as well. They have handbags, men’s items, gifts and eco-living pieces for you or for someone you care about. The prices are affordable and the stuff is really cool.

Jewelry has been made out of old rubber, plastics, pull tabs from soda cans, old keyboard keys and so much more. Even if you cannot afford to buy from some of these sites, they are great to look at because they can give you ideas on your own eco-friendly jewelry you can make at home. You can even use the ideas for parties, craft time with kids and more. What great ideas can you get out of this today?

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