Best Mattress Topper for Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses differ from traditional mattresses as they offer an additional layer of cushioning to provide a plush surface supported by a firm mattress. While pillow top mattresses may vary, adding a mattress topper offers supplementary cushion or support without having to purchase an entirely new mattress. Because pillow top mattresses differ in design than traditional mattresses, not every mattress topper is ideal for this type of mattress.


There are four primary types of mattress toppers: sheepskin, foam, feather bed, chenille pad and eggcrate foam. While each of these toppers offer benefits and drawbacks, not every version is ideal for pillow top mattresses. The best mattress topper is relative to your ideal mattress firmness. If you wish to enhance the softness of your pillow top mattress, feather bed and foam toppers may be ideal; however, if you wish to add firmness to the mattress an eggcrate or chenille mattress topper may be ideal as they provide a higher degree of support than other types.


In the United States there are 12 standard mattress sizes with the smallest measuring 75-inches long and 39-inches wide and the largest measuring 98-inches long and 80-inches wide. When deciding on a mattress topper, you must first determine the overall size of your current mattress. Measure the length and width of the mattress. The depth of your mattress does not play a vital role for the majority of pillow top mattresses; however, sheepskin mattress toppers typically have elastic straps to secure the topper, thus the depth of the entire mattress must be measured to ensure the straps are large enough. A good mattress topper is one that covers the entire surface area of the pillow top mattress.


Like beds, mattress toppers are available with features such as hypoallergenic material or anti-moisture fabric. When deciding on the best mattress topper, review some of its features. If mold or dust mites are a major concern, purchase a topper with antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. If you sleep with a partner, consider a topper designed to hinder motion transfer, such as a latex foam or memory foam topper. Temperature control may also be a deciding factor if you or your partner runs hot. Wool and feature toppers are designed to increase airflow, which helps help maintain a comfortable body temperature during summer and winter months.


The cost of a mattress topper is directly based on its size and materials. For example, the average price for a memory foam mattress topper ranges from $50 for smaller low-end products to $600 while feather and down toppers range from $40 to $400. When determining the best mattress topper, compare its features and price against lower cost versions.

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