Best Pregnancy Midnight Snacks

We’ve all experienced a midnight rumbling in our bellies at one time or another, but pregnancy takes it to a whole new level. Eight to twelve hours is a long time to go without food and your body and baby may crave nourishment. Waking nightly from a restful slumber is a call you can answer with healthy, filling snacks.

Focus on nutrient-dense foods to quench your cravings and satisfy your growing baby’s appetite. Avoid quick-burn sugary foods and try including something with protein instead. Prepare snacks the day before and have them ready to grab to minimize awake time.
Midnight snack list:

Peanut butter on warm toast
Mini-bagels and cream cheese
Turkey sandwich
Carrots dipped in almond butter
A boiled egg
Plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey (skip sugary yogurt brands)
Cottage cheese and peaches
Crackers and hummus

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