Best Super Bowl Commercials of the 1st Quarter

Many people are huddled around the television right now watching the Super Bowl…err…the commercials of the Super Bowl. I’m always curious if there is any different in quality of commercial by quarter so let’s take it quarter by quarter and see which one has the best and worst commercials. These were the best and worst Super Bowl commercials of the first quarter.

In my opinion the best Super Bowl commercial of the first quarter was the Audi commercial that featured Twilight-like vampires. At first I thought I’m not sure this is the demographic that a Super Bowl commercial should be catering to. Then the headlights of the Audi fried all the vampires and I was convinced that it had a happy ending to most of the viewing audience.

The worst commercial in the first quarter had to be the M&M commercial. A female brown M&M is featured and she clarifies that even though she is brown she is not naked. I’m not sure that was what anybody was thinking at the time. Then one of the other M&MS shows off and does remove their shell and starts dancing naked.

Another commercial that fell flat for me was the Elton John Pepsi commercial. First, I wasn’t crazy about the theme of the of the commercial. Second, these Pepsi commercials used to be reserved for the biggest stars and now it’s starring some reality contest winner that hasn’t even released an album yet. No thanks.

Also in the bad category was the Best Buy commercial. Best Buy lined up a bunch of incredible smart and innovative for a commercial in which they boast that they invented such-and-such device. Then Best Buy puts themselves in the same category as these genius men and claim that they invented the best buying experience or some mumbo jumbo like that. You invented stores? Or the internet? No, all you did was invent a lousy store that every soul I know says has the absolute worst customer service.

The only other commercial in the first quarter that I remember being remotely interesting was the trailer for Battleship. I doubt it will be a good movie but it could be a big explosive actiony movie if you like that sort of thing.

In the first quarter there was one really good commercial and a handful of pretty awful commercials. Is the 1st quarter going to be the big loser of the Super Bowl commercials or is this trend going to continue throughout the night?

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