Upon arrival at college, I was advised by an intern, not to engage in sexual relationships. He termed them, as time wasters, pain bringers and uneconomical grounds. I therefore, bring some of the best things, about being single, that may interest you.

The 21st century relationships are now so crazy, about Valentine’s Day. The young and old, cuddle in couples and squander cash to paint honor unto this day. To save yourself digging deep in the pockets, why not stay single?

No hassle worries and heart breaks. For sure, you have a peace of mind .You can save yourself a lot of pain. None can even bother feeling jealous, when having fun with buddies. If you’re a philanderer, no more stress from a single skirt-as you’ll have them in variety.

No more depression. The chance for concentration and attainment of both happiness and goals is there. Let me tell you; relationships have barred many. A certain William lost out on his medical career, because of a stressing girl.

When you weigh the costs that come with a relationship, you’re forced, to stay a bachelor due to among others, things like, returning home at leisure, being cheated on, and de-toothed. Sometimes, it’s just fine being single.

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