Best Ways Writer’s Can Secure Their Writing from Being Hacked by Hijackers

The online writing industry has created a big business in which hijackers access your PC and copy your research materials and stories, then modify them for resale. Here’s what to do to protect your copyright.

Writer Security Starts When You Store Your Files in a Directory Other than Documents

The simplest thing to do is to create a directory other than the place that most documents are stored on Windows which is the C:/Documents directory. If you pick an uncommon name, it might not be noticed by and generic program snooping your PC.

Secure Writers Add a Password to Windows

The easiest, most lame form of protection is to add a password to your Windows OS, so that anyone trying to access your computer must enter a password. This can be bypassed by operations that directly contact your hard drive. It is better than nothing. Use Start> Settings > Adjust Common Mobility Settings, Add Account. Set the password on the account and give it admin privileges.

Use a Security Firewall Software Package to Secure Your Writing From Hackers

A package such as McAffee, Trend, etc. will help protect your computer from inadvertent access and hacker access to your PC and viral attacks.

Turn off Guest Access to Your Computer to Block Hackers Access to Your PC

After you turn on your user account, disable the guest account in the same place.

Writer’s Can Block Hacker Access When They Turn off Wireless Switch on Their Computer

Click off the network modem access switch on your computer. This is the hardware switch and can be enabled by savvy people, but most will not know how to do it.

Also disable it in Microsoft Windows

Use Start> Settings > Adjust Common Mobility Settings > Networking

Click on disable Modem. This may help. See the next step for an surer way to block access.

Secure Writers Write on a Computer Unattached to the Internet to Stop Hackers

Unplug any hardwire connections to the internet. This helps protect you from hackers, except, many hackers can access your computer via the wireless internet if they know your PC routing number, if you have the wireless modem turned on.

Turn Off All Modem Access to Your Computer to Secure Your Writing

When you boot up your computer, hold down the F2 key (or the one defined by the computer to initiate setup). The boot up process will halt and allow you to set the PC hardware settings related to your modem chips. Turn any option in the networking section mentioned off. When you look at the step before in Windows, you will see a message that says BIOS disabled.

Store Your Files in a Detachable Remote Disk Drive to Secure Your Writing

Most programs look for the common disk drives like the C: drive. Detach the disk drive that you use if possible when you are not online. Remove any media where files are stored immediately after use.

Secure Writers Password Protect Their Hard Drive and Computer at Bootup

When you boot up your computer, turn on password protection for turn on and on your hard drive. This adds two more levels of protection to your computer that a hacker will have to break to get into your files.

Check that the Copyright Will Belong to You for Any Writing You Do on a Blog or Free Service

Before writing on any online site, review the terms of service for that site. Check it yearly. Always know who owns the material entered on the site. Many times when you publish your writing online you give up first world publication rights and electronic publication rights. Make sure you can obtain the copyright for electronic publication rights by deleting the material from the site.

Secure Writers Should Only Submit Writing to Reliable Sources

Don’t send your writing to any publication that you can’t see online or that you can’t purchase. Chances are someone is just seeking raw material. If there is a long delay in the return of your writing, do a search for similar pieces and if uneasy publish it elsewhere. Only accept critique from reliable online sources, re:people with pictures, names, and that you can google on the internet.

Secure Your Writing by Writing and Publishing a Story with Your Character’s Copyrighted

Before you send in a novel to any publisher or agent, seek publication of a story that will protect your characters from being copied.

Keep Paper Copies of Edits and Raw Scenes In a Box and Back Up CDs In Case of Lawsuit

These will protect you by showing a history of being the source of the writing and that you worked with the material over time especially editing for improvements. Although file dates can be set to earlier dates, having a pile of disks showing a steadily increasing date will protect you. Store your backups in an inaccessible location such as a fireproof safe.

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