Bev’s Best and Such

My name is Bev and I am no way old but no way young. I believe in myself and where it has led me today. No easy task. Lived in a weird life but observed how I thought it should be. The streets were my stage and played the right game. Smile, positive energy and utilizing what I had…, guts. determination and good tough genes. So do you want to ride the wave with me? Do you need to get control of you life? Learn some life lessons, tricks of the trade? Keep on track.. I will give you some short cuts, yes, some basics but get rid of the same ol same stuff. It’s real, proven and done. So write me some of you burnig hard questions. I promise to hold this dear. I have had 35 years of trials… Let me help.
Be the better you!! I hold your your story close to me.

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