‘Bewitched’ TV Remake: Who Should Be on the New ‘Bewitched’ Cast?

It was only a matter of time. Following in the retro footsteps of classic TV show remakes like “Dallas,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “Hawaii Five-O,” CBS has ordered a script for a revamped version of the 1960s series, “Bewitched.”

That means someday in the near future we could see Darrin, Samantha, Endora-heck, maybe even Uncle Arthur– back on the small screen.

But trying to cast the roles of these classic TV characters is tricky biz. The 2005 big screen attempt didn’t pan out so well (Will Ferrell as Darrin? Sorry, I just didn’t see it.)

So let’s make sure producers make some magic and get it right this time. Here are some suggestions for the new “Bewitched” cast:

Darrin– Jerry O’Connell

With the cancellation of “The Defenders,” we’re thinking Jerry O’Connell may have some free time about now. What a perfect time to shoot a pilot. O’Connell has that slapsticky Darrin Stephens look and we know he can do comedy. He’d do justice to the role of Samantha’s hapless hubby.

Of course, when the movie came out back in 2005 I was hoping to see Jim Carrey in the role of Darrin. Suffice it to say, Carrey hasn’t done much in the way of TV work since his “In Living Color” days, but if he’s open to the “Bewitched” remake we’ll welcome him back to TV land with open arms!

Samantha– January Jones

She has the looks and the twitchable nose– and something tells us she’d look great in 1960’s garb. Yeah, we know she’s already committed to another show that’s set in the 60s, but if the “Mad Men” producers don’t get it together soon, we could see Jones zapping right into this role!

But if Jones truly isn’t available, how about a real blast from the past? Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha on the original series, is still as perky cute as she was back in the day. We’d love to see her fill her TV mom’s shoes.

Larry Tate– John Slattery

Let’s preface this by saying that white haired TV actors aren’t all that easy to come by. And not that we want to steal the entire “Mad Men” cast, but maybe we want to steal the entire “Mad Men” cast. (I could even see Hamm as Darrin, really I could!) Meanwhile, John Slatterly has already shown us his ad men stuff on the AMC series, so let’s see how he’d do in a sitcom version.

And although this next guy isn’t an actor by trade, maybe he can give it a whirl. CNN host Anderson Cooper would make a great Larry Tate. Because when he gets on a rant, nothing stops him. Just add mustache.

Uncle Arthur– Carson Kressley

It’s hard to believe that Paul Lynde only made 10 appearances on the original “Bewitched,” because the character of Uncle Arthur seemed to always be around. So in recasting him we need a really big personality. We’re thinking Carson Kressley needs to get off of OWN and into this sitcom pilot!

Endora– Shirley MacLaine

The legendary Shirley MacLaine as the queen witch, Endora? A cliche, perhaps. But this is one example of the movie casting agents getting it right. MacLaine reprising her role as the show’s magical mother- in- law would have us watching every week. Witch’s honor!

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