Black Friday Shopping is Truely the Nightmare Before Christmas

No one pepper sprayed me in Wal-Mart or shot at me in the parking lot of Target. I just became very curious as to what all the Black Friday Shopping drama was about. For the past eleven years I have always had to be at work for a large fortune 500 company on Black Friday. Considering that I like to shop this has probably kept me out of a ton of problems. I would hear the stories of camaraderie as sisters and family went shopping with each other on Black Friday. They would wake up at 4am and stand in line by 6am. I heard tall tales of getting free items for getting to the store early of unbelievable deals that I was missing out on and so the nightmare begins. This year I work for myself. No one can tell me not to wake up at 6am to shop or not shop. I am the boss. So off I go to Kohl’s not too early on Black Friday. I really should have brought my video camera just to share the madness on YouTube or with you and others around the world.

The line to check out stretched in a circle all the way around the store. It occurred to me that even as I saw these great deals it was going to take me an hour just to pay for them. That is when the light bulb went on. Kohl’s has free shipping on black Friday and they price match at their kiosks (computers). So within five minutes I had everything ordered and shipped and I was laughing at the folks standing in line on my way out the door. This leads us to Cyber-Monday. More and more people enjoy the coziness of their desk or sofa and get the same great deals as on Black Friday.

With the many great coupon deals and seasonal sales that retailers provide Black Friday is just not so special to me. I honestly would rather pay twice as much not to have to stand in line for an hour. My time is worth money as well. Crowds and crowds of people have just never appealed to me. So I can say now that I have experienced the great Black Friday shopping but to me it is the nightmare before Christmas.

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