Black Unemployment Hits 27 Year High Under the Watchful Eye of Barack Obama

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected President there was no group more pleased in American than blacks. There was a sense of vindication from all of the years of slavery and Segregation. Many whites felt this could prove finally that you can do anything you want in this great country if you try. Race is not an issue and should no longer be used as a cop out in order to blame for the shortcomings of many blacks. With the latest jobless numbers it appears that the average black was much better off before he came to office. Black unemployment now stands at a 27 year high. This is the highest that rate has been 1984. Unemployment statistics by race have been tracked starting in 1972. The reasonable question anyone with half a brain should ask (this excludes many who support Obama in spite of facts) is should blacks blindly follow Obama the way a majority do to their own detriment?

Before during and after the 2008 Presidential election you would see many things from hats and T-shirts to belt buckles with Obama on them. After George Bush lost the election for McCain, there were many ridiculous T-shirts around with pictures of Obama, the first family and things like that. I even saw designer jackets with Obama’s likeness on them. Many of them say things like “My President is black” or “First black President”. The reality is Obama is just the first half Negro president as he is half white. Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid even stated that Obama was electable because he only uses a “negro dialect when he wants to” and is “light skinned”. Of course this was not met with the protest that would have occurred had a conservative said this. In addition to the t-shirts it was amazing how many blacks supported Obama that did not know anything about him. Countless people interviewed who were black knew nothing about Obama except “He wants change” or “He is one of us”. I actually respect people more that say they voted for him because he was black and they never thought they would see it. There were many who did not know any policies of Obama or state anything he planned to do that was a reason for supporting him. Most did not even know what state he was a senator from. Now obviously every black was not interviewed, but something can be said of a sample. A pastime of mine during the election and even now, is acting like a supporter and saying something inaccurate about Obama like he went to Yale and very few blacks would correct me, because they did not know. The fact Obama was pro-abortion really surprised many as many blacks don’t believe in abortion now same sex marriage. Obama has supported both.

So we find ourselves three years into the reign of King Obama ( see his use of executive orders to protect illegal invaders and suing states for doing the job the feds wont) and in addition to royally screwing America is seems blacks are worse off than they were under white Presidents. Even conservatives like Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Unemployment stands at over 9%. This is really bad, but black unemployment is at 16.7 while the rate for whites has actually gone down to 8% according to the Department of Labor’s August jobs report. Black men are hit the worse. In addition to the large disparity in blacks in prison compared to whites black men have an unemployment rate of 19.1 while black women are at 14.5 with experts predicting it will remain above 10% for at least four more years. There are various reasons that economists are saying this is occurring The black workforce is younger than the white workforce, lower numbers of blacks get a college degree and many live in areas of the country that were harder hit by the recession — all things that could lead to a higher unemployment rate. But even excluding those factors, blacks still are hit with higher joblessness since Obama has been in office. Many believe that racial discrimination is still a factor. As unpopular as Obama is getting this could be a fair guess. I am sure there are more than a few hiring managers that will think “You put this clown in office. Why should I keep you instead of the white guy” This is very wrong, but I am sure it happens. It is also poetic if you think about it. I personally think the people who voted for this change should be most affected by it.

If I were black I would be curious of why Obama seems to be helping every other group than blacks who voted for him at 95% and came out in droves. Obama rewarded homosexuals and deviants with the repeal of don’t ask Don’t Tell. He also has violated the law by telling the Justice Department to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. This action is illegal and directly goes against the oath of office Obama took. He did not take an oath to just defend laws he agrees with. In addition to this Obama has tried several times to get some form of Amnesty for illegal invaders in our country that he thinks of as “undocumented democrats” to no avail and there has been bi-partisan rejection of this. Americans are against amnesty, illegal invaders getting public benefits, and children of illegal aliens being citizens by super majorities. Still Obama was not happy he could do it the American way, so he decided to use executive orders to basically say the majority of illegal invaders can avoid deportation. This was done blatantly to pander to the Latino vote in the next election despite the will of the people. His actions on illegal immigration, or lack thereof as far as enforcement go, actually hurts blacks as these illegal invaders are much more likely to take jobs blacks often have than whites. Many blacks are too stupid to realize this though and still blindly support Obama. SO what has he done for you? How is that hope and change working for putting food on the table or saving for college?

Many people never thought they would see a black President in their lifetimes. With the way Obama has run the country, I will say definitively that we would have been better off without this one. I think if anything he has set efforts made for equality go further back and has also managed to bring racist feelings out in many people who never had them.

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Obama is going to ruin the country, Obama has been harassed more than nay president. Plot to assassinate Barack obama, white people unite, Obama is dead.

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