Bobinski and Bubinski: To Video Land and Back

Bobinski and Bubinski are brothers and friends. One day after school something strange happened as they turned on their Galaxy Wars Battlestation video game. The screen blinked and then it flashed a message they had never seen before. It said: “You are about to be transported to the command post.”

Bobinski and Bubinski looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. “Cool” was the only thing they were able to say before the journey began. It was a journey like none they had ever experienced. They saw a vast array of colors like a tube-shaped rainbow moving towards them. Then they felt the rush of air on their faces as they were transported through space at rocket-like speed. Suddenly, as quickly as the journey had begun, it ended with them sitting in large chairs facing their favorite video game characters Rex and Cody.

Slightly startled yet strangely alert, Bobinski had the presence of mind to ask Cody if he was dreaming. “This is as real as it gets” was the reply. “Bobinski and Bubinski, we need your help. The evil galactic emperor has found a new weapon to attack us all including every video game lover like yourselves. You have to help us destroy this new weapon and stop the emperor before it’s too late.” As soon as Cody had finished speaking, Bobinski and Bubinski looked at each other and said in unison, “We’re in.” Bobinski added, “Tell us how we can help.”

Cody looked at Rex who said, “We need you to go back home and do your homework.” The boys were stunned. Bubinski replied, “You need us to do our homework?” That’s right said Rex. “You will find the information you need in your text books back home. That’s all I can tell you for now.” Bobinski and Bubinski were dissapointed. They were expecting something more exciting like shooting blaster guns or cannons–not opening up their text books. But they returned home throught the rainbow colored portal with a sense of curiosity.

Bobinski reached his backpack first and quickly opened the only textbook he had brought home. It was his mathbook. He quickly noticed the book was no longer an ordinary math book. Every page had become a razor thin touch screen tablet pc with interactive content. Right away, Bobinski found messages from Rex and Cody along with instructions on how to complete a math problem that would use trigonometry and geometry to locate the evil emperor. He was glad that he remembered how to use the trigonometry formulas he learned in class over the past few weeks.

Bubinski rushed to his room and opened his science book and found the same type of razor thin interactive pages. He found messages from Rex and Cody along with instructions on how to complete a chemistry experiment that would result in an explosion. He was glad that he had leaned how to calculate the atomic weight of elements so that he could mix the right amount of ingredients to create a predictabe and safe explosion that would destroy the weapon without getting hurt. He found the materials he needed close by and ran to find his brother. They almost collided in the hallway as they were both running towards each other. “I know where the weapon is!” said Bobinski. “I know how to blow it up!” said Bubinski.

They ran back to the video game system and Bobinski entered the coordinates. As they were again transported, Bubinski held on tightly to the bottles of chemicals, a measuring spoon, and an empty container. Upon arrival, they found a big box painted with the words, “Evil Emperor’s Big Bad Weapon of Destruction.” This was it! Bubinski carefully measured out the correct amount of each chemical into the empty container and they placed the mixture on top of the box. Then they ran about 400 yards and turned around to see a big explosion. The box was destroyed and the rainbow portal was opening again. They ran to the portal and returned home victorious. Bobinski and Bubinski had saved the day and foiled the evil galactic emperor’s plans.

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