Boy Fight! Jonah Hill Calls Out ‘Glee’ Star Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison: a bully? That’s what Jonah Hill told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night. The actor – on the show to promote “Moneyball” – revealed that he sold a show to Fox and went to the network’s upfront presentations to promote his involvement.

The newly-skinny Hill felt out of place at the meet-up, especially after an awkward interaction with fellow Fox talent Randy Jackson and Michael Clarke Duncan. However, their actions paled in comparison to that of Glee’s Mr. Schue.

Hill was sitting with old friend Zooey Deschanel and the actress wouldn’t stop talking to him. However, the bigwig running the presentation told him to be quiet, not Deschanel. Everyone started laughing when Morrison echoed the sentiments.

“He goes, ‘Yeah, Jonah can’t you stop talking for a second?’ This dude from ‘Glee’ calls me out. Green Mile’s laughing, like ‘Ha ha, I’m a clown,’ ” Hill lamented to Fallon.

It was funny, though Hill’s anger over the situation was obvious.

A few weeks later, Hill again saw Morrison at a “douchey” Hollywood party, chatting with “Gossip Girl” star Chase Crawford. The comedian decided to eavesdrop on his arch-nemesis and heard something he wasn’t expecting.

“I hear … Jonah Hill … and they both start laughing. I’m the punch line in this guy’s joke. He doesn’t even know I’m at this party,” Hill said. “I’m gonna wring his neck the next time I see him!” Jonah declared.

“…I’d like to see him sing his way out of this one.”

Hill then tried to soften the blow. “I’m just kidding, you seem like a great guy,” he deadpanned to the camera.

“We’re going to edit that out,” Fallon joked.

We’ve reached out to Morrison’s rep to get his side of the story. In the mean time, we’ll assume the feuding duo won’t be hanging out at the Fox company Christmas party this year.

Which side are you on: Jonah Hill’s or Matthew Morrison’s?

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