Brain Exercises Keep the Doctors Away

Exercising your brain regularly will help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and memory loss, according to the Mayo clinic. The earlier you start preventing your brain from these defects, the better. Exercising your brain can be done in a variety of ways. Reading, playing puzzles, exercising or even something as simple as taking a walk will help sustain the neuron levels in the brain. These exercises will help keep your brain sharp, stimulate mental functions and even help you to relax.

Many websites are dedicated to enhancing and maintaining our brain function. These sites are usually free or come with a free trial for you to try them out. They are a great free resource for stimulating and training the brain. Some have fun brain teasers along with subjects that pertain to everyday life to keep our brains functioning at a high level. You’re able to track your progress and some sites will cater more and more to your brain function by developing activities just for your brain type.

Left And Right Brain Functions.

The brain is made up of two different areas, the left brain and right brain. Each side of the brain serves its own distinct functions for our bodies. The left brain controls logic and reasoning, while the right brain is the creative side. Both sides of the brain can be exercised in their own unique way.

Left brain exercises are comprised of crossword puzzles, math games, writing and other things that consistently keep the brain in its analytical mode. By learning a new job or acquiring new skills your brain continues to operate in this capacity.

Right brain workouts consist of activities that tap into the creative side of our brains. Things like reading, painting, singing and other artistic like functions that help keep the right side of the brain from going numb. If you’re familiar with speed readers or people who can do complex math equations in there head quickly, then you have met a person who has an excellent right brain function.

The Whole Brain

For the most part our brains work like a well-oiled machine. The whole brain gets used for most of our daily functions in life. Sex, for example, stimulates all areas of the brain and allows our assortment of brain functions to work hand in hand. Their are also opponents to the left and right brain theory all together. They call it an archaic and outdated teaching that needs to be re-examined.

Adolescent Brains

Maintaining brain function in kids is important as well. Brain games help kids discover new thoughts and ideas that are important for growing up. Logic games help kids to stimulate their thought processes. Games that require strategy, like chess, help them develop rational thinking, learn how to map out plans, and other skills.

Finding what brain exercise program is right for you can be tricky. Most kids are confronted with brain building skills on a daily basis through school and various recreational activities. As adults, sometimes we get bogged down with everyday life and sometimes become stuck in a rut. These exercises are important for adults to keep the brain going just like how physical exrcise is important for staying in shape. I would suggest trying out many of the programs offered online, offline, in this article, or create your own regimen until you come up with a system that is fun and stimulating at the same time.


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