Brazil Nuts and Their Health Benefits

People believe Brazil nuts are unhealthy because of the high fat content they contain. However, the truth is adding these nuts to a well balanced diet a few times per week can actually provide the body with some essential nutrients that can keep the body healthy.

Appearance, Texture and Flavor of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts have a woody thick shell and when you crack the shells open inside are buttery appearing nuts with a brownish skin that tends to flaky off. The nuts are smooth in texture once the shell is removed and have an earthy sweet nutty flavor to them similar to macadamia nut. Some people do not like the flavor of the Brazil nuts so they tend to roast and season them to make them tastier.

Home of the Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are native to South America and the nuts grow on Brazil nut trees that can grow up to 165 feet tall in the Amazon Rainforests and produce tons of sweet yellowy flowers and fruit. Surprisingly, Brazil nuts are actually fruits by the way if you’re interested in cool facts. The Brazil nuts are mostly harvested from the rainforests by Amazon migrant workers who collect the nuts that fall from the trees during the Amazons rainy season since this is the easiest way to collect them. Climbing up the trees would be too difficult since they are so tall.

Nutrients Content

Vitamins D, C, and B complex
Omega Fatty Acids

Health Benefits of Eating Brazil Nuts

Adding Brazil nuts to your diet a few times a week in small amounts can help prevent heart disease, strokes and heart attacks keeping cholesterol levels low. The minerals and vitamins in Brazil nuts even have the ability to help reduce your risks of getting certain types of cancers such as prostate, colon, stomach, and lung and breast cancers. Those who get the cold or the flu can benefit from snacking on a small handful of these nuts while they are sick because the nutrients in the nuts such as the vitamin C, zinc and selenium can help boost the immune system naturally so it is at full fighting power to fight off the cold or flu that you have. Those who suffer from thyroid disorders can benefit from snacking on these nuts because the antioxidants in these nuts have the ability to make an active enzyme that helps support the thyroid known as, “triiodothyronine.” I personally eat Brazil nuts as a healthy snack to help keep me energized by the healthy amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats help keep my fatigue feeling away naturally. In additions, they help keep my bones healthy and strong due to vitamins C and D in these nuts.

Precautions to Think About

Now Brazil Nuts do contain some unhealthy fats, which means eating these nuts every day in large amounts could cause you to gain some unhealthy weight. Some people do have some allergies to these nuts so be cautions adding them to recipes. Eating large amounts of these nuts could also cause brittle fingernails, toenails and hair if too much selenium is consumed. Otherwise, Brazil nuts are healthy snack to munch on a few times a week to help keep you healthy and strong.

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