Breaking Dawn Cupcake Theme a Great Idea

Very soon, Twilight fans worldwide will be thrilled to see Edward, Bella, and Jacob on the big screen once again. There are many bakeries already taking advantage of the Twilight saga to increase sales on their wares, and I don’t blame them one bit.

When a bakery names a product after a character, it gives that product a life of its own. Customers remember unusual names of cupcakes. For instance, a person would remember “The Jacob” over “mocha cupcake” because it is more interesting to them. I’m not implying that all confections should have a specific human name by any means. From a marketing perspective, it’s a good idea to play up trends, fads, movies, songs, or whatever is currently popular to gain interest of the public.

Naming a cupcake after a celebrity, such as The Elvis (Presley), might work, while other names, such as The Cobain (Kurt) might be harmful–even though both celebrities were drug users and died at a young age. Think about what society is interested in and follow the trends. The “Kardashian” might have sugar crystals or edible glitter sprinkled on top.

Let’s say it’s Election year. Imagine having the “Clinton” and the “Bush.” Obviously not all names work, so be careful with what names you pick for your confections.

Many fans out there would buy an “Edward Cullen” cupcake no matter what flavor or filling. There are vanilla cupcakes filled with cherry pie filling, frosted and topped with edible glitter called “Edward” quite fittingly. There are devil’s food cupcakes filled with cherry pie filling and topped with red hots for the “Jacob.”

Bottom line: be creative with your names and flavors and you might come up with a blockbuster yourself!

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